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The Southern Maine Raging Bulls' season came to an end this evening with a 17-14 overtime loss to the Boston Bandits.

The Raging Bulls (9-3 overall) were led by RB Phil Warren who rushed for 230 yards a touchdown and two-point conversion. K Henri Moser hit 2 FG's as well in the losing effort.

This has been a great season for the Raging Bulls and we would like to thank our fans, friends and family. None of this is possible without the support.

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Playing in Boston is never easy. They are athletic, strong and well coached. Their receiving core has blazing speed led by Darryl Hodge. Their O-line is massive and protects the 3 headed monster they rotate at QB. Will Rondo(yes it is his brother) is quick and puts the ball on a dime. Adam Headly has pin point accuracy and stands in the pocket as long as need be. Finally, it the strong arm of veteran Mike Murray. Their running backs are lethal in future Hall of Famer J.D.Brooks and J.T. Harold. Our defense will have to play a solid four quarters to keep us in this game.

Boston’s defense has given up the fewest points in the league. Their D-line is huge and hungry. Gibson is 6’5” and 320 and is a solid two gapper. Midgette is quick and flows to the ball well. Alcindor and Casseus pin their ears back and bring the pressure every play. Malcom Green is a big time pass rusher with very long arms that disrupt a Qb’s vision and flight path. Boston’s Linebackers are relentless and fill gaps as well as anyone in the league. Brady, Ellis, Milton and crew do a very nice job in coming up. The only thing as fast as Boston’s receiving core is their secondary. Brooks, Wright, Simplice and company keep receivers on lockdown.

We are going to have to play a very solid game to accomplish our goals in Boston this weekend. Our men our focused and up to the task and I expect they will give nothing less than their best efforts.

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